saison: Inconnue
Projet: Brazil, October 2013
Detail: Brazil, October 2013

Etape: 1
Date: 23-10-2013
Pays: Brésil

Rio Janeiro
Olinda rio hotel AV Atlantica, 2230- copacabana Rio de Janeiro- Brasilia Tel : +552121599000 Ask after : Rodrigo or Ursula in reception. Our driver in rio and Ilha grande is: Renato Vieira, he speaks English "which very important", Tel: +552178133004 Olinda Rio Hotel 481 real / night. Nice place, in copacabana, front of the beach. but there is too much road noise. the windows are not isolated. my advice, keep the vue to the beach, it's nice.
We had dinner on the beach in front of the hotel "copacabana", very light in a local atmosphere. people continue to play football and make jogging in the beach all night.
This trip to Brazil and Argentina will have no value if it will not help us to understand this part of the world, to meet and interact with local people. my advice to travelers, you should stop some minutes, raise your head and see what's happen around you. try to read the gestures of people, ways to have fun, to talk, to laugh, to get angry, to wear, to live. I dedicate these three days to our news friends from chili. Dear friends, it was pleaser to meet you, and we hop to see you soon my be in France , chili or somewhere.
Brazil, a trip of discovery and adventure. for me brazil, is synonymous of colors, music, football, joy, beauty, freedom. I dedicate this trip to all lovers of discovery, sharing and life. we had a plane stop in Lisbon, it is a good way to start this adventure with sweetness. The plane from Lisbon was TAP, although comfortable, the seats are spaced, a TV screen for each seat, the food is very good and they respect the diet if you specify it. At rio janeiro aereoort, the customs controle was fluid and easy. after that, we took one yellow taxi to our hotel : 45 reals (15?).

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